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Howdy, all,

Let’s get right to it:

This will be Nightmare Nights’ final year.

After long and serious discussion, we’ve decided that now is the perfect time to bring Nightmare Nights to a close. Yes, we’re still showing steady growth, both in attendance and revenue, and it’s been clear from the start that we had found something special that we wanted to hang onto, like a batpony discovering a crate of mangoes. We’re in great shape for 2017.

However, we’ve come to the conclusion that it would be best to end this adventure on a high note, rather than try to make it last forever and possibly tarnish the legacy of the best little ponycon in Texas.

For those who can’t make it this year, for those who’ve been hoping to attend in 2018, we’re sincerely sorry. All we can say is that if you can possibly make it, we’d love to have you along on our farewell tour. As always, badges and hotel rooms are available at a discounted rate on our website.

Thanks for making this our favorite con.

— Bob Carr and Jeremy Sewell