Nightmare Nights Dallas is proud to welcome these fantastic guests to our convention this October. You won’t want to miss this party!

Ashley Nichols

Ashley Nichols is a professional freelance artist and animator. She has a vast gallery of illustrations including many fan and original works, but has been part of the MLP fan community specifically since 2011 doing design work for multiple conventions and charity projects. Being an avid fan of animation since a very young age she started animating in 2007 turning that into a professional freelance career as well as a successful YouTube channel that has millions of views. In 2015, she started the indie merchandise company My Dreamy Star, which you can find in our vendor hall and on their website! Don’t ask her why they’re dressed like bunnies.

Lochlan O’Neil

Lochlan O’Neil is a professional actress, voice actress, and model hailing from Denver, Colorado. She has been working in the industry for 6 years now and loves being able to entertain, whether it be on film, behind the microphone, or up on stage! When she is not acting, Lochlan spends a majority of her time sewing and designing costumes. Lochlan’s talent with cosplay and ability to portray different characters has granted her countless opportunities to travel all across the country guesting at different conventions, judging cosplay contests, running panels, and making people smile!


Dustykatt – the manliest brony in the world

Who is this goofball? And why can’t people stop staring at that mustache?

Dusty’s life is a manly checklist. The son of an auto worker (have you driven a Ford lately?), high school and college athlete (baseball, football), former bodyguard and ranch hand, trained Big Time wrestler, and Harley mechanic whose custom motorcycles have appeared on the cover of “Easyriders”. A pessimist would say “he can’t make up his mind”; an optimist would say “no single career is big enough for his mustache”.

And he watches a cartoon show intended for little girls. Well, what do you expect from the Manliest Brony in the World?

What’s with that? Well, aside from making him grin like someone who just found a twenty dollar bill in his underwear, it’s given him a chance to do what he does best: ham it up. Dusty is known primarily for his former show “Stay Brony My Friends”, his YouTube videos which have gone viral, and separating convention-goers from their money at charity auctions. Dusty fearlessly treads upon the crushed skulls of YouTube trolls and hack journalists as he destroys stereotypes. What he is most proud of, though, is his fans. The finest bronies in the world (his audience… that includes YOU, right?) have come together to raise over 50,000 dollars for a variety of charities. This has also piqued the curiosity of documentary filmmakers.

He can be seen in “Thatch and Dial”, a Youtube series he is collaborating on with Andy Stein (Mandopony), as well at the Analyst Anarchy TF2 series with Dr. Wolf and friends. As well as his continued appearances on Bronies React.

He co-stared in a student film called “Under” with an on screen roll. And completed his first book narration in the “Portals of Infinity” series with book 3 “Of Temples and Trials” available on Audible.

Stay brony, my friends.


Foal Papers is chiefly known in the brony community for having once been a great lord of Númenor, to whom Sauron the Deceiver gifted one of the nine Rings of Power. Blinded by his greed and desire for conquest, Foaly took the ring, and was swiftly corrupted by it, twisted beyond recognition into one of the thrice-accurs’d Nazgûl. Darkness goes with him, and he cries with the voice of death. He’s also fond of jaffa cakes, tweeting, and classical mythology.